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President Tigger Marshall
Colt League Kristy Hartzell
Pony League Philip Alequin
Bronco League Tom Wideman
Mustang League Mark Morneau
Pinto League Marc Glickman
Shetland League Brian Hampton
At-Large #1 Molly Israel
At-Large #2 Andy Sullivan


ESBA members are welcome to attend ESBA Board meetings.

Board meetings are usually held the first Monday of each month.

However, holidays and other schedule conflicts may change the date or location.

Contact your board representative anytime you wish to attend.


Secretary Tod Cushman
Treasurer John Taffe
Registrar Molly Israel
Sponsors Tod Cushman
Webmaster Jane Morneau
Colt Commissioner Kristy Hartzell
Pony Commissioner Philip Alequin
Bronco Commissioner Molly Israel
Mustang Commissioner Brian Caron
Pinto Commissioner Marc Chillion
Shetland Commissioner William Cawthon
Rookie League Andy Sullivan